Canopy Bed Curtains for Girls, Girls Bedroom Design Ideas

Bed curtains can instantly add a lavish feel to the whole room and increase the aesthetics of the room. Canopy beds curtains can make a girls bedroom feel like a princess room and make her feel like she is in fairyland. All this can be done at very affordable prices. In fact many of these can be done as DIY projects over a weekend, which will mean fun for you and your family.

How to select the perfect look for girl’s bed curtains

Canopy bed curtains for girl’s bed should be simple and elegant. You can start by making a list of colors that you like and will suit the age of the girl. Keeping the process simple will ensure have a look that is easy to manage and clean.

Curtain Colors

The color of the drapes should be in contrast to the color of the room. This is very important as if you were to choose the same shades as the wall, the curtains will not stand out. If you are out of color ideas, try shades of pink or light and dark variation of the colors on the wall. In most cases, these colors will do the trick.

Additional decorations

You can make the room more beautiful by adding adorable decorations to the canopy. Like ribbons, craft work, mirror, artificial flowers. Get creative, match the decorations with the rest of the room. The curtain can only take limited amount of weight, so be mindful of the weight you add to the curtain.

decorations for canopy bed

Material for drapes

Not only the color, the material you use adds to the overall look of the canopy. The most commonly used material is net; some also use cotton and satin. Net has a good translucent look which adds texture to the room. You can design custom curtains for canopy beds using nearly any fabric you like.

Use ideas from professionals

For more canopy bed curtain ideas for girl’s room, you can take inspiration from catalogues and listing in interior design books that feature contemporary curtain ideas home. These layouts are generally done by professional who pay attention to minute details that non-professional easily miss, like light setting, length of the drapes, etc.

professional girl bed

The color, texture and materials you use for bed curtains in a master bedroom will not necessarily work in the girl’s bedroom. Look for colors and texture that suit the personality of the person and the personality of the room.

The best time to plan for a canopy bed is at the time of doing a makeover or major changes in the room. Get the person who is going to use the canopy involved in setting up the canopy bed curtains and she will get more enjoyment from using the setup. If you are making this as a surprise for your girl hope this helps you transform their room in to a princess room.