Canopy Beds and Canopy Bed Curtains

The bedroom is the very place we want to be perfect. It must be ideal for rest and relaxation. After all, a bad night’s sleep would most likely result to a bad day. So we make the bed feel cozy and comfortable, add beddings and accessories that will make it look inviting to sleep. If you like sleeping in some sort of cozy enclosure, canopy beds would be perfect for you.

Canopy beds are used way back in the 16th century for utilitarian reasons and not really for decadence or extravagance. During the Medieval times, attendants would likely sleep in the same room with the nobleman or landlord. A canopy bed with curtains will provide the needed privacy as well as warmth. Such situations would still apply today like if your kids sleep with you in the same room or you need the extra warmth during winter.

Canopy bed curtains today are known for its aesthetic purposes. Combined with luxurious headboards and frames that boast intricate carvings, top it off with elaborate and fancy draping, it is truly luxurious to sleep in one of these. It will take your bedroom decor into a whole new level.

Ups and Downs To Consider

The bed canopy’s elegance will mostly depend on the bed canopy curtains. Every bit of the curtain is important, from color to draping. But just like all things, these too are subjected to ups and downs. So before you decide to put up a 4 poster bed canopy curtains, evaluate first what you would be getting and dealing with in the future.


  • Improved aesthetic appeal in your bedroom is almost certain with these added. Adding vertical figures in an area will make it look taller and spacious. Aside from that, others also love how it provides a magical and romantic feel by being surrounded by gorgeous fabric. Hence, it would be important to make the curtains along with your window curtains and the overall design of the bedroom.
  • As aforementioned, it provides added privacy and warmth. It can also be used to control lighting to the bed wherein you don’t need to get up and fix your window curtains to have the desired lighting.


  • Canopy bed curtains act like huge dust collectors specially if you designed them to drop down diagonally. Cleaning them can be a daunting task due to its sheer size and weight.
  • The curtains can get really messy like rolling over them and get tangled every time you move. It would likely happen if you have a small bed wherein the curtains are too near. So it is also something you should consider before installing one in your bed.

Weighing the ups and down is highly recommended. After all, these bedroom additions are not for everyone.

Getting The Right One

Bed canopies are divided into two types, the traditional and contemporary canopy beds. There are distinct differences between the two. Selecting one would depend on the overall interior design of the bedroom.

Traditional Canopy Beds

  • Posts are thick and can feature intricate designs like carvings for wooden posts or curves for wrought iron posts.
  • The overall design of the bed would have box shape with vertical posts and a top frame that will hold rails for the curtains.
  • Traditional canopy bed curtains used are thick drapes, can include elaborate ruffles and draping.
  • Usually follows the design of Victorian aesthetics.


Contemporary Canopy Beds

  • Contemporary designed canopy beds are unrestricted, open to modern designs like altering the shape and not having it box-like.
  • Curtains are of lighter fabrics. Colors are can range from cool to warm color palettes. Simplicity is preferred in these beds where too much elaborate draping is avoided. Some designs even exclude having curtains, just the posts and top frame to add aesthetics.
  • Overall design would follow modern aesthetics to go with other modern furniture.

Canopy beds and curtain tie backs are truly good additions to any bedroom’s appeal. Getting the same curtains as the bedroom window curtains is the common route most designers do. It will ensure the bed canopy complement the overall design and decor of the room.