Curtain Tie Back: Is it Essential?

Generally, all houses have windows. When there are windows, there will be curtains and curtain tie backs. These curtain tie backs have one general purpose which to pull the curtain aside to let the sunshine and fresh air in through the window of the house or office. There are certain times that curtains needed to be held back for decorative purposes such as canopy bed curtains.

Kinds of Curtain Tie Backs

  • Matching Fabric Tie Backs – using the same fabric of the curtain to simply blend in with the design. Adding metal rosette to the tie back can be artistic in design.
  • String of Beads – also called as beaded curtain tie backs can be created from beads made of crystal like, wood, glass or plastic. These can easily be matched with your curtains color.
  • Rope Curtain Tie Backs – rope that is made out of abaca fiber or silk cord. These are available in various colors and thickness.
  • Bandanas – these are available in various colors and designs.
  • Tassel tie Backs – these are from threads with various colors combined together to create that classic look. Usually used in an elaborate fabric and heavy drapes.
  • Metal Tie backs – made from bent metal to hold the curtains with animal shape. These are also available in various colors and designs.
  • Belts – these have readymade loops for tightening the curtains.

How to make Curtain Tie Backs

  • Cut the rope at least twenty four inches.
  • Drill a hole in the copper caps, the size of the hole should be the same with the J bolt.
  • Attach the J bolt with copper caps with the use of a nut.
  • Insert the rope with glue on the copper caps then let it dry for a day.
  • Use sanding paper to roughen up the copper caps.
  • Spray paint the rings and hitching post rings with your desired color then let it dry.
  • Install the hitching post with a wood screw.
  • Attach the J bolt to the ring in the hitching post.

As mentioned there are various kinds of tie back to choose from. Hence, if you like to change the design of your curtains from time to time or would like to experiment curtains to create new looks, it would be advisable to use tie back that are not permanently installed in your window. This will allow you to have more variations and more choices of curtains and tie backs.