Exploring the Different Types of Custom Curtains

Enhance the beauty and ambiance of your home by having custom curtains installed. These are custom fitted to your windows with your choice of fabric. There are professionals who create these curtains and are priced according to your budget. Having the expert advice on the kinds of material to use and the type of curtain to have would be beneficial; they will help you explore the several options on how to use these properly.

Types of Curtains

  • Pinch Pleated – the top has pleats that are tight and uniform, for maximum control of the curtains fullness. These are usually used in wide window openings and are usually hung with the use of ring clips or hooks.
  • Tab Top – are created with an even space loops. This does not use rings, hooks or clips. The fabric used for these curtains are also the materials used for hanging the curtain.
  • Grommet Top – heavy duty brass or silver grommet are used for hanging these curtains. Spreads the curtain evenly along the curtain rod. Usually use heavy fabric which allows the curtain to fall into rounded pleats or folds.
  • Clip Top – These curtains use set of rings with metal loop to hang the curtain. These also have variety of materials used for these curtains.
  • Pocket Top – the top of the curtain are created with a pocket for the curtain rod to be inserted in order to hang these curtains. There is no need for an additional pins or hooks.
  • Ruffled Pocket Top – The top of the curtain are created with a ruffled pocket for the insertion of the curtain rod in order to hang these curtains. These are offer a sophisticated flare to draw the attention of the viewer upwards.
  • Tie Top – the top of these curtains are tied to the curtain rod, to create that relaxed and casual look.
  • Valances – these are used to highlight your curtains.

These are just a few of the types of curtains that you opt to use for your home or office. You can also get ideas from the list for your canopy bed curtains. There are hundreds of materials that can be use as curtains for you choose, from light high quality materials to heavy materials like silks, linens, cottons, wools, and sheer. There are also various colors and designs.  There are also options for linings which can provide you with a fuller look, energy efficiency and privacy.