What are Canopy Beds?

Canopy beds are decorative bed with usually with four posts on each corner extending five feet or more above the mattress. Thin fabric or mesh is often used as a curtain or cover to these beds. These beds can add drama to your room, induce romance, an old fashion luxurious look and reduce light that are coming into the room.

No matter how big or small the room you intend to use these beds there is that available size and design that would suit your fantasy. All you need is a little imagination. These are attractive furniture piece that will create a statement in your room.

 Kinds of Canopy Beds

  • Full Drape Bedthe drape fully covers the bed with the use of square form rods with rings, for easy open and closing of the drape.
  • Flush Mount – The drape partially covers the bed with the use of L shaped rods that are placed on each corner of the bed.
  • Flush Mount Headboard – the drape is placed on top of the headboard side of the canopy bed frame with two L shape rod that is connected together.
  • Great Estate Cornice – a single rod mounted on wall with luxurious cornice design cover. These are great for king canopy bed.
  • Acanthus Cornice – a single rod mounted on the wall with a luxurious acanthus cornice design cover.
  • Napoleonic Bed – The rod is mounted on the center of the bed with adjustable scissor legs.
  • Lit d’ Ange – a circular rod that can be placed on top of the headboard or at the center of the bed.
  • Campaign Bed– a rectangular shaped rod that is placed on top of the headboard or at the center of the bed.
  •  Turkish Bed – the drape is placed on the Turkish helmet design to create that authentic look.

Princess canopy bed for your little princess, this can be achieved by using the Napoleonic design or maybe lit d’ and with the use of colorful design canopy with flowers and butterflies. The adjustable scissor legs of the Napoleonic design can create that illusion of being carried off in a carriage.

If you want that fabulous holiday feeling in your bedroom then it’s time for you to check out  canopy bed curtains that are available in the market. Most of these are made from durable polyester and soft mosquito netting. With a little homework you’ll likely acquire the best quality and would satisfy you for the years to come.